Diva #250

Thank you, Laura, thank you!
For a few month I had a strange feeling when trying to tangle. I didn’t know what was wrong but when I read your entry this week I thought: „Yes, that’s it!“
The important thing about Zentangle is for me  that it’s easy and for everyone possible and over the last months I kept thinking that I’m not good enough or that I have not the right muse for amazing tiles and I was very frustrated. I kept searching for the right paper, for pens and for something that would make my pictures special. I pinned lots of beautiful Zentangle pictures on Pinterest and I tried to find that special thing that makes every little picture so amazing.
During all that time I forgot my main reason for loving Zentangle and Laura aka the Diva reminded me of it.

This time I remembered and this is my result:

250I had fun and I loved it!


Diva #249

I had to take a look: I tried my first Diva challenge on July 17 in 2011 and it was #30: „String Theory vV Initialize“.

I haven’t done every challenge but I think I saw every one of them and there is still time to try them all, right?
I hope there‘ ll be lots of years more of Lauras stories about her boys and her life and her amazing pictures and ideas each week!
This is so much fun and I’m really thankful that I found her side.

I loved the challenge this week but I’m not very happy about my results *sigh*
The first try:

Created with Nokia Smart Cam

The second try:

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I’m back!

For the last few month I had no time for anything… it was awful!
I tried to find time to tangle every now and then but I got the feeling I couldn’t get a tile I liked at the end so I stopped trying… but not tangling made me nervous and angry 😦 so one of my new years resolution is: To find time to tangle and even if it’s just for 10 minutes a day!

So for the last three days I started again, and it feels like I have to learn everything again… I’m not sure I like that feeling *sigh*

Last year my husband got a new mobile and when he wanted to throw away the cardboard box in which it came I took it because it looked so white and shiny 😉 and you can imagine what I wanted to do, right?
So my last tangles in 2015 and the first ones in 2016 are on this little box and I really like it.
And the best thing: The box has the right size to retain Zentangle tiles! Awesome, right?

Wanna take a look?

Created with Nokia Smart Cam

Created with Nokia Smart Cam

Created with Nokia Smart Cam

Created with Nokia Smart Cam

Created with Nokia Smart Cam

Created with Nokia Smart Cam

Diva #240

I can’t believe I missed nearly four challenges but I had no time! *sigh*
I don’t even know why my days are so loaded with everything right now but it’s like I wake up in the morning and I start running and when I go to bed I’m still running… very annoying and not very healthy!

This weeks challenge was some kind of surprise for me.
Remember the entry in which I told you I killed my pen during one zentangle on an orange?
I went out and bought a new pen but because of all the stress in my life lately I wasn’t paying attention and bought the wrong pen! Instead of another micron 0.1 I took micron 1.0 home with me… much bigger than I wanted to have!
I discovered this when I wanted to tangle on this weeks challenge and at first I was all „Oh, no! It’s the wrong one!“ and then I just tried the new one, not for the challenge but just to see how much bigger he is – and what did I discover? He is perfect for calligraphy!
I tried different letters and fonts and though I’m the absolut beginner I really love how it looks.

So my mispurchase was really a gift for me!

And because I like trying the new pen I made two tiles for this weeks challenge:

A = A-fog
U = Up n down
T = Tipple
U = Undu
M = Msst
N = Nuwave

And just because I discovered the pattern of a fellow german who got inspired by African artists I had to do another one:

I tried to use the pattern called African Art but I got confused during the tile and now it looks differnt but I like it nevertheless. I think my „Herbst“ was jumping with Artoo of the slide in the pile of leaves 🙂

Sadly my photos don’t show you the real color in this pictures but I like them very much!

Diva #236: Tangle Unexpected

This weeks challenge was so much fun!

After last week where I had no time to try the challenge (my whole family got the cold and all we did was freezing and coughing and feeling sorry for ourself) I wanted to do something special for the challenge. Then I saw our task and I sat and thought „Oh, my…“ I didn’t know what to chose!

I looked around and then I suddenly saw some leftover from our family cold 🙂 You have to know when I get cold (or my husband or our son) I’m the one who buys lots of healthy teas and fruits and things like this. One of this shoping trips involved a fruit bag with orange in it – which were awful! They couldn’t be fresh or even healthy! So two of them got left behind while we were eating yummy things instead 🙂


Sadly I forgot that this kind of fruit often comes with some kind of wax film on it – it killed one of my pens 😦

Diva #233: New tangle „Zenith“

I have to admit I didn’t like „Zenith“ at first. I don’t know why but it just doesn’t screamed my name 🙂

But then it got to be a Diva challenge and I just had to try it… and suddenly I liked the flow of it. It has everything I love in a tangle: simple structur and an easy to follow „how to do“.

So I tangled my first picture with it and was quite happy… and then I did another one and I really loved it!

Funny how a simple challenge can change our point of view, right?



Kalender: September

Nein, ich habe nicht vergessen das Bild für September zu posten. Tatsache ist, dass ich diesen Eintrag sogar schon Ende August vorbereitet hatte und dann hat sich mein PC verabschiedet… ein Neuer mußte her, der mußte mit allem Wichtigen beladen werden und dann, als ich gerade mit meiner üblichen Routine loslegen wollte, konnte ich den neuen PC umtauschen, weil die Tastatur nicht ging. Jetzt habe ich nochmal einen neuen PC bekommen und mache (fast) als Erstes diesen Eintrag 😉

Mein September-Kalenderblatt:

Ich hoffe, Euer September (und meiner) wird wunderschön – mit vielen leicht rötlichen Blättern, einem angenehmen Wind und noch ein paar schönen Tagen in der freien Natur