Repeat Pattern Stacks

Last week I discovered this lovely website:


And I fell in love with this little stacks!

I had no time to play with it but I wanted to give it a try as soon as possible. Yesterday night I couldn’t sleep and so I started working with the Repeat Pattern Stacks.

My first try (just to get a hand and an eye for it):


I’m not really happy with it. It looks as if something is missing but on the other hand: it’s just a try so I can live with it.

Today is Monday…it’s the Day of the Diva and her Challenge. This week it’s „Grit (un)locked“ and for some reason I had to try it too… on the same page as another Stack *shakes head*

CIMG3019BTW It’s another page in my „Bored again“ Journal even if I wasn’t bored while drawing this 😉

I used F3 for this


I thought something was missing in the „Diva“ tiles too and one day later I knew what to do with it: shading!

diva 122_1

Looks better, right?


5 Kommentare zu “Repeat Pattern Stacks

  1. I love the present stack. I wonder why. *LOL* It’s a very cute idea and something I should keep in mind to take a look at.

    I like your challenge entry. I think it’s a good combination with a pattern stack. Two new things in one. Whooohooooo! Why don’t you like it yourself?

      • I don’t think it’s too much. Maybe it’s just something different and new for you!? But I know the feeling of not being satisfied. Maybe you can figure it out for yourself to create something you love in the end.

        Until then you have to trust the commenting voices. ^^

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