Diva #125

This weeks challenge of the Diva was UMT = Use my tangle and she gave us a pattern of Owl Loving April : Birdies Feet.

Which was a real challenge – again!

( I think I finally discovered why it’s called Divas challenge… *pouts*)


When I saw the challenge I was all „How do I put this on a tile?“ because I love using patterns like knightsbridge or cadent. My favorite patterns have straight lines and some kind of rule to follow. I’m not very fond of patterns which are… free? changeable?

So it wasn’t easy and while trying to come up with something I decided to finish a tile I started weeks ago. I had a lot of free space on it and I just tried to get rid of the free space 🙂 In the end I started to shade the patterns and… can you imagine that I found something very funny? I found „Birdies Feet“ on my tile! I drew it without noticing it while thinking of a good way to solve this challenge! *giggles*

(I think that was a real Zentangle moment…)



14 Kommentare zu “Diva #125

  1. Uhh…NICE. 😀

    I had to look twice to see the birdie feet. I’m still not sure how I feel about this pattern but it looks good combined with the right patterns.

    I really like the one in the right lower corner and the one in the left lower corner.

    Oh…and I think the linking line was a really smart thing to put in there. It connects the whole tile and seperates the patterns at the same time. Superb.

  2. Right lower corner = Wheane ( I think… I’m not sure)

    Left lower corner = Paradox

    I tried the „linking“ lane for a while now and I think it doesn’t look right but in this one it’s … not so wrong as in my other tries 😉

    Thank you!

  3. Interesting how you „unconsciously added birdie feet. Maybe ethat’s the way to go with difficult challenges/tangles. Just don’t „think“! lol.
    Wonderful tile is what you ended up with.

  4. I have, too, difficult to use patterns like this, but Your tile is very beautiful. Birds are on a wire and then they have walked on the beach. Natural and wonderful! Zen is like this 😀

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