Diva # 126

Another challenge given by the Diva and this time the real fun wasn’t drawing the patterns but searching for the right stencil *giggles*

You have to know I have a kid, a boy, and when he was little (and cute) we made a lot of stuff together: we draw and we did arts and craft, we used a lot of glue and every stencil we could get our hands on. So I was reading the challenge and thought „This is an easy one“ and then I started searching because all the stencil were gone!

(did I mention that my son is already 14 years old and way too old for stuff like this? *rolls eyes*)

So I searched my whole home and the only thing I found was a forgotten towel rack. A few years ago *is ashamed* I wanted to have a new towel rack in my bathroom but we can’t drill something in the tiles so we had to buy something we could stick on the wall. I bought it and I forgot it.

Till now!


So this is my entry for this week and in case you try to „see“ the towell rack in it:

diva_126_2 diva_126_3

And now for the best part of this:

I finally put the towell rack on the wall!!! 🙂


Have a good week!


26 Kommentare zu “Diva # 126

  1. What a great idea and …. the result is not only a beatiful tile but also a rack on you wall 🙂

  2. Haha. That’s a very cool and creative idea. It’s sad that all the stencils are gone but look what it made you do! 😀 I love the creativity and the result. The patterns are beautiful and I think it turned out to be a very beautiful challenge entry. *nods*

  3. Very clever use of towel rack. I would have never thought it would make a great stencil for a Zentangle. Guess I will look at my stuff around the house differently from now on. The pieces are very creative.

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