Diva #150 and #149

I haven’t forgotten about the challenges of the Diva and in fact I have made several of them but I didn’t had the time to made for every one of them an entry (not even for two or three together… maybe I’ll post them some time later here).

But one of my New Years resolution (in fact the only one… *coughs*) was that I wanted to participate in the weekly challenge by the diva for at least the first two months. I mean that’s only 8 weeks, right? That can’t be too hard…

And what should I say?

I tangled last week for two hours and though I’m not quite happy with the result I love single bits of it – and then I had no time to show it here *shakes head*

This week was nearly the same (only without drawing for hours, it took me only 20 minutes and I got the time for this entry) and again I’m not really happy about it but I think it fits perfectly.

This week challenge was „One little word“ and it was so funny because without knowing of the one little word challenge by Ali Edwards I was thinking of the right word for this new year the first few days of 2014. I don’t know why. Maybe because I decided against my usual New Years resolution, maybe I saw it in some newspaper or blog. I just started thinking of a word and I thought AWARE should be it. I want to be more aware of everything thats around me and I want to be more aware of things I want to do for myself instead of just think of everybody else.

Again I had no time to draw over the week but I had plenty of time to think of my word. I discovered that TIME was another thing important for me. I seem to run all the time and though I try really hard I can’t catch anything *sigh*I’m always just in time for my train to work and I’m always just in time for meetings or everything else but I’m always too late for an Zentangle in the evening or a few pages of a book. In every spare time I have I’m always sleeping and so I decided that TIME should be something important for this year too.

TIME and ME because as I always run after everything I seem to forget just to stand still and enjoy quiet moments. I think of everything and everyone first and if there is a little time left I’m simply too sleepy to do something for me. So I had my choices of words and while drawing I decided that TIME and ME are more important than AWARE… at least at the moment 🙂

So my zentangle isn’t the best but I’m still good with it because it took me a few days to discover what’s important for me this year and what I want to change or take a closer look at.

That’s Zentangle, right?

Time to think.

Drawing is only a side effect 🙂




2 Kommentare zu “Diva #150 and #149

  1. Wow! Is that 2014 one on a DIN A4 page? It seems HUGE. But it turned out amazing. I love the combination of patterns. My favorite is the one inside the 0. ^^

    And I think you chose your words very wise. I hope you’ll manage to think more about yourself. It’s so important and I think you’ll need some help with the daily routines so that you are able to enjoy your free time too. So kick your men in the butt. *giggles*

  2. It’s a Din A5 page and the pattern is „Squirmy“ or something like it. A very easy pattern which fills empty space in no time and is fun to draw 🙂
    Thank you!

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