Diva 200

What? No post for nearly one year?

That can’t be right!

I swear I made a lot of tiles and I even worked on my own calender and I thought I had post pictures here… but obviously not… *sigh*

So, the Divas „Bi-Zen-Tennial Celebration“ is a good way to start again, right?

For four years Laura the Diva gives us every week another challenge. Sometimes they are easy and I don’t see the real problem with the task and sometimes I don’t know how to do it. Sometimes the challenge seems like a repeat of another challenge she gave us weeks, months before and when I tried them they are different and so much harder or easier than before.
Laura shares not only her love for Zentangle and her creativity with us but also a big part of her life. We see her sons growing up and it’s like they are not an ocean away but right next to us. It’s so amazing and wunderful!

Thank you for these years, Laura!
May the next  200 challenges be as awesome as the last!
(and can you imagine how big your little boys will be in four years??? I can’t wait for pictures of all grown up Chewie and Artoo  *grin*)

The pattern for my tiles this week was easy to find for me. As you can see in my older posts I love N’zeppel and last week I discovered another version of it „Nymph“. I had to give it a try and because it looked like flowers I had to use color for it (which I usually try to avoid). I’m happy with the result!

Created with Nokia Smart Cam


10 Kommentare zu “Diva 200

    • Thank you very much!
      In my imagination it looked like flowers but now I think it’s more like firework… but it’s okay. Both are things a celebration deserves *gg*

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