Diva #206

Laura aka the Diva had sliced open her thumb which lead to this weeks challenge „Tools“. Her challenge was to use a tool you didn’t used before.

This was an easy one because everytime I tangle I use the same things: the same kind of paper and the same micron… but: That wasn’t right! Last year I tangled on stones and one time I tried to tangle on a CD so the only thing I hadn’t tried before was using everything else than a micron.

I started with the Zenstone a friend gave me for my birthday last year. Though I wanted to try it ever since I didn’t do it till now…

Created with Nokia Smart Cam

I wasn’t very happy with it *sigh*

Than I remembered the colored glue I bought years before. That sounded perfect!

Created with Nokia Smart Cam

In case you don’t recognize the tangle: It’s Mr. E

I tried to use some of the glue as background but it didn’t work out. I swear I would have loved if I could have used a eraser in that moment but trying to erase glue? Not happening…

The funny thing is if you take a look at the picture from the side:

Created with Nokia Smart Cam

It’s like Mr. E is alive on this, right?


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