Diva Challenge #212 and #1

For this weeks challenge Laura aka the Diva chose „Fanz“ by Susan Goetter.

At first I thought this would be way to easy to be a real challenge because it looked so simple. Then I started drawing it and … nothing worked!
I couldn’t even get the pattern to look nice and easy. In fact everytime I tried it look terrible. Like I haven’t seen how to do it or like I haven’t understand how to do it (which I have! I just can’t draw it).
So I was very sad and annoyed of myself.

That’s not how a diva challenge is supposed to be!

I tried it again and again and then today I decided to skip this challenge. Some things you just can’t do and this seems the one for me. Nothing to be sad about and nothing to be annoyed of.
But I wanted to tangle a diva challenge every week this year! (One of my New Year resolutions)
So I was very sad and annoyed of myself – again.

Till I remembered that I started participating in 2012 or 2013. Laura started her challenges in 2011.
That means there have to be a lot of challenges to catch up!

I chose Nr. 1, the very first one and I had so much fun tangling. Skipping this weeks challenge for an old one was a very good idea!
But just because you know what I mean I’ll also show you my best tile for „Fanz“

Diva 212 (UMT Fanz):

Created with Nokia Smart Cam

Diva 1 (Simplicity):


Simplicity: I chose a pattern which I could draw without having to look for instructions. At the moment I seem to forget everything and especially how to draw the easiest patterns so I wanted to use a pattern which I could remember. I had so much fun tangling this one!

edit: I had to take a look: My first diva challenge was #105 and since then I skipped a lot of challenges 😉


6 Kommentare zu “Diva Challenge #212 and #1

  1. I think there is nothing wrong with your Fanz 🙂 And yes, we are always are worse critics. So, don’t be sad and keep smiling.

  2. So you’re trying to do the first 104 challenges too? ^^ Cool idea.

    I like both of your tiles but I totally understand your frustration. Maybe Fanz is the one pattern to master for you? I can’t say which one is mine because I think there are a few…*giggles* But don’t be annoyed or disappointed. I think your works look amazing. *nods*

  3. Your Fanz tile looks so nice, it’s a pity you couldn’t enjoy the journey. Great idea to do an old challenge, simplicity was a challenge I enjoyed very much. I jumped in at the beginning, but skipped a lot of challenges later. It’s my goal too to do the challenge each week this year.

    • It’s your goal too?
      That’s great to know! I love tangling but for some reason I couldn’t find the time last year to draw as much as I would have liked. This year will be better!
      Thanks for your comment!

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