Diva Challenge #214 and Erins Dare #100

I know Lauras (aka the Divas) Challenge for four years now and though I haven’t participate in most of the challenges I think I saw at least 150 of them. I did the Moebius challenge three times already and I knew that Chewie named our beautiful home Amanda… but for some unknown reason I didn’t participate in one „Earth Day“ Challenge in all those years. I can’t believe it but I searched without success for my name under the challenge *shakes head*

So I wanted to do something special (to celebrate that I did it this year) and I sat down and tried everything. Nothing worked. Every tile looked boring and nothing special at all.
Then I remembered „Erin’s dare“ and the beautiful zendalas I saw on her side every now and then. I wanted to try my hands on this challenge for years but they all look so perfect and amazing that I felt insecure.
This week I decided to give it a try – and discovered that there are 100 Zandalas already!

If that is nothing to celebrate I don’t know 😉

I chose Nr. 100 of Erin’s templates and tangled on it.

Created with Nokia Smart Cam

And because there are two reasons to celebrate: Earth Day and 100 Zendalas, I tried two different versions for this challenge: One with lots of shadows and one with lots of color.
I love the shadows… but I think color is not my thing though I had fun coloring it.

Created with Nokia Smart CamCreated with Nokia Smart Cam


8 Kommentare zu “Diva Challenge #214 and Erins Dare #100

  1. Well, good thing you did not give up too soon. I like your colored one, and you even have some shading in there with the colors. I still have not tried to do a Zendala, but I will soon!

  2. I think the colored Zendala looks beautiful. The gradient turned out amazing but I have to admit that I favor the shaded black and whie one. 😀

    How big is it? How long did it take you to finish this? It looks like A LOT of work.

    • It’s Din A5 and the simple Zendala took me 1 hour (I think). Shading another hour and coloring too.
      I had so much fun doing this!
      You have to try it too

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