Diva #216

Come to the dark side – we have cookies!

This weeks challenge of Laura aka the diva included the UMT  Brella by Bunny Wright and Star Wars.
I was still a kid when the first movies aired so I love them dearly. I remember playing with a friend and pretending to be Leia or Han Solo (I still remember that we didn’t liked Luke at that time – weird, right?). Years later I named my son after Luke (sort of) *lol*

So I’m very happy with this weeks challenge and though it didn’t turned out the way I imagined it I think it fits.

Thank you for this challenge, Laura!

Created with Nokia Smart Cam


10 Kommentare zu “Diva #216

  1. I might just have to follow that Schway if those really are cookies…lol. The combination of the Brella with the Schway works out very well, almost like they were made for each other. Nice work!

    • Thank you!
      In fact they are not really cookies but Mini-Cookies from Kellogs (My son eats them for breakfast). I had no really cookie at home. I’m not sure how that could happen…

  2. I like The different Interpretations of Bella in combination with the arrow patterns! They fit together Very well! Wish you a nice sunday!

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