Diva #217

This weeks challenge surprised me!

In honor of Lauras Birthday we had to use Dex and Bunzo as Duotangle and I’m really familiar with this two patterns. I like all patterns that are based on a grid and so Dex is one of my all time favorites 😉
But Bunzo and I we have a little problem with each other *sigh*
I like it because I think it looks very easy and on the other hand vivid. I like the possibilities of the pattern and it feels good just drawing it without having to look every now and then how it’s done (like I do with many grid-patterns). When I see it in tiles of other Tanglers it looks awesome – and when I see in in my tiles? It looks boring and everytime I seem to have made major mistakes. I don’t know why I feel that way.

This week challenge was therefor very easy for me and very hard.
And then it was a real surprise because when I just drew the patterns I had fun. I didn’t like the result when the tile was finished but I had fun drawing.
Then I add shading to it and suddenly my Bunzo came to life!
It was so exciting and new for me – I love it!

What do you think?



18 Kommentare zu “Diva #217

  1. This is so well done…remember your expectations are not known by the viewers of your work and they see the overall piece you’ve created. We can’t be too hard on ourselves…right? Otherwise it cuts down on the relaxation and enjoyment of creating. Yours looks like waffles with a bunzo fruit sauce. : )

  2. No-one would know that you had problems with this, or that you didn’t really like it. I do and I think it shows skill. Stand back and look at it with a stranger’s eyes and I think you will see what we do – a very nice tile.

  3. Cela ressemble à des gaufres avec de la crème chantilly. Cela me donne de l’appétit. j’aime bien.
    This looks like waffles with whipped cream. It makes me hungry. I like.

  4. Klasse! Auch für mich sieht es hier nach himmlisch frischen Waffeln aus! Schöner 3D-Effekt!
    Es geht doch nichts über das abschließende Schattieren und dann diese wunderbaren „A-Ha“ und „Oh“ -Effekte! Schön, dass du das hier auch erfahren hast!
    Liebe Grüße, Annette

  5. I think you shouldn’t think you have a problem with Bunzo at all – your Bunzo look fabulous! And they way they are pushing the gridded Dex out of the way just shows that they think they ARE boss. It is a beautifully done piece of work and you should be proud of it. Very nicely done!

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