Diva #03 and Diva #218

This week I had only on Monday time to tangle because there was a big strike in Germany. (I have to use the train to get to work and without train I need 3 hours to get there instead of 1 hour. )
So went to Divas page and hoped for a nice challenge – just to discover that she had a family day and the challenge would be up the next day. I was a little dissapointed because I wanted to tangle and had no idea what to do. Then I remembered the older challenges!

03 Eyes wide shut:
You have to make your string without looking on the paper. That was fun!
So much fun that I made a photo of it but deleted it per accident… *sigh*
I think you can still see the string, can’t you?

Created with Nokia Smart Cam

218: White on Black

Today I had time to tangle and when I went to Lauras side I found just the right challenge for me!
I’m no fan of the black tiles. I love every other one but the black? Not my thing.
And I wanted to make Bookmarks so I thought „What could go wrong?“ I cut black paper in two peaces and I started to tangle… to discover that you have to think the other way (like with a photographic negativ) to get the usual effect!
How come I didn’t know that before?
Drawing on black is really hard (mental) work!
But also so much fun! *grin*



12 Kommentare zu “Diva #03 and Diva #218

  1. Judging by what just about everyone said about their white on black tile, not too many tanglers are big fans of the combination. The bookmarks are a good idea. I especially like the one on the right. Parts of it look like lace.

    • Thank you!
      I think we all don’t like it because it was not the first thing we started with when we „met“ Zentangle. It was something new and something different. On every other tile you can just draw but to get the right effect on black you have to think how to draw. Maybe that’s it
      I like the laced one too!

  2. Your bookmarks are so pretty! Love the blues you used and your white tile was well done too! Hope your train strike is over with…that sounds like a lot of work to get around without your train working…good luck!

  3. Die Lesezeichen auf dem schwarzen Papier sehen sehr schön aus! Ganz besonders gut gefällt mir jedoch dein Bild mit dem „Blind String“! Toll schattiert!
    Liebe Grüße, Annette

    • Danke Dir!
      Ich fach den „Blind String“ lustig. Irgendwie hatte jeder denselben. Wahrscheinlich hatten alle Angst das Papier sonst zu verlassen 😉

  4. Dein ZIA mit dem String ohne hinzuschauen ist super geworden! Gefällt mir richtig gut.

    Und die Lesezeichen sind auch schick. Wie gesagt, mir gefällt das rechte besser. Aber die Meinungen scheinen sich aufzuteilen. *gg* Lesezeichen sind eine schöne Sache. Schick UND praktisch.

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