Diva #221 and #222

I had no time last week to finish my tile though I started very early with it. But now it’s done and I think I can show it here nevertheless 😉

Last weeks challenge was „Beads of Courage“ and I really like the idea behind it. I’m working in a hospital and sometimes we have small children who are afraid or scared. Adult people who are scared can undertand why some things happening but little kids? They just have to be brave and things like „Beads of Courage“ could be a great idea for them too.

My idea for this challenge was to use the fun run Laura did with her family and friends. Instead of getting myself full of color I sprinkled the tile. At first it looked very awesome but when it was dry it was just some dots on the tile 😦
I think I have to try it again when I have more time. There has to be another way for this!

This weeks challenge was „Color of the rainbows“ and I struggled a lot with it. I don’t like using too much color on my tiles. Today I just sat down and started and now I have a little rainbow for myself 😉


Have a great weekend everyone!


2 Kommentare zu “Diva #221 and #222

  1. I like both of your color tiles. The first one is more subtle, but I love the patterns. Your narwhal, packed with other tangles areso cool! Looks like fun.

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