Diva #223

Another bookmark on the way… *grin*

Like I said a few posts before I want to make bookmarks for the Pink Saturday in October (Pink Saturdays provides free mammogramms for people without any health insurance). A friend of mine who still fights cancer  is very enthusiastic in the programm and sells every Pink Saturday a lot of things to donate the money. This year I want to participate.

I donate bookmarks which my friend can sell. I know they won’t bring much money but still it’s a start and maybe I can think of other things for next year.
This weeks challenge „Umble“ was just the right tangle for my next bookmark 😉


I’m really a little bit in love with this one!

What do you think?


15 Kommentare zu “Diva #223

  1. Your bookmark is beautifully done and I can see why you are in love with it! I am too. Of course, the fact that it is in my most favorite color combination in the world helps too. But the tangles are beautifully done. Great work!

  2. I hope you’re able to make enough bookmarks to have a significant impact not only financially but also to let the women in this situation how much others care about them and want to help to make sure they are healthy.

  3. Wow!!!!! I love this monotangle bookmark! A great idea to have them sold for a good course. I myself make pendants and have just made arrangements that they will be sold, starting July 1st, for a small project in Uganda. Little steps maybe, but I think the intention is what counts and maybe will have a snowball effect.

    • Yes, there are (very bad) pictures on my blog. They are under the tab ‚hangers‘. This week I can put new pictures on my blog, because the 12 pendants I made for the shop (where they will be sold) are almost ready. I used Acryl ink this time and that works better so, these pendants will all be a bit better.

  4. Also ich finde das LEsezeichen total Spitze, durch die Wiederholung im Rechteck erhält Umble eine ganz neue Dimension! Und die Farben gefallen mir ja sowieso;-)
    Schönen Sinntag Abend noch und LG von Simone

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