diva #225: Guest Blogger Jen Crutchfield CZT

Laura wanted some Family time and because we all love her Family pictures and our Diva we are more than happy to wish her a amazing time 😉

She even left us with guests on her blog who will give us every week new challenges. This week it’s Jen Crutchfield and her challenge was a real challenge for me: She wanted us to chose 2 – 3 colors to use on a tile.
Did I mention that I don’t like using color???
So I was tempted to skip this challenge but I was curious about Jen’s work. I went to her blog and found some amazing pictures – and one blog entry in which Jen copied other artists tiles.
I liked the pictures I saw there and I decided to do the same 😉


Created with Nokia Smart Cam

If you take a real look you’ll find some difference between my picture and Jen’s 🙂
I found it hard to copy a tile. I kept trying to change something, to gave the picture another swing or something like that but I didn’t do it – till I added shadow

Created with Nokia Smart Cam

My tile looks the same as Jen’s and different, right?
And I even love the color in this!

A great week to everyone!


24 Kommentare zu “diva #225: Guest Blogger Jen Crutchfield CZT

  1. What a clever idea to adopt Jen’s own plan. I read that post too and I thought I would try that, but I didn’t think of doing it for the challenge.

    • Danke Dir!
      Ich war vom Schattieren auch ganz begeistert. Gerade die kleinen Karos sehen irgendwie schwebend aus. Das kannte ich so bisher noch gar nicht

  2. I learn a lot when I CASE things. CASE is a term adopted by cardmakers that stands for „Copy And Say Everything“. Which means that when you copy you give credit and tell your source. I love CASEing things because I learn a lot from the process and then I can go forward and create later from this learning experience. Great idea to do this with the challenge…I always consider it a compliment when someone CASEes my work. When I have visited the Metropolitan Museum in New York there are often art students that are allowed to sit and paint and copy „the Masters“ work….this is how they learn and create. Thanks for sharing your process this week.

    • I think you created a monster with your words!
      It’s called CASE? Copying someones art has a name?
      And I felt a little bit guilty for doing so… Now I’ll take a closer look at the pictures I love and try to CASE them. There are more than a few things I can learn from them 😉

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