Diva #226: Guest Blogger Katie Crommett, CZT

I’m no fan of Simplicity!
I like my tiles with lots of different patterns and though I don’t like using color I love shading the tiles.

So this weeks challenge by Katie Crommett to draw simple was a real challenge for myself. In the end I draw just one string, very confused and without really looking, and I used very easy patterns, in fact only two of them. I even left most of my tile white (which I usually don’t do) and now I can say: I made the challeng!

I can’t say I’m happy with my result but it was fun going against everything I wanted to draw on this tile. Maybe I’ll do it after posting it now *giggles*diva_226


10 Kommentare zu “Diva #226: Guest Blogger Katie Crommett, CZT

  1. Die Selbstüberwindung sieht man Deinem Kärtchen gar nicht an. Ich finde es sehr gelungen, vor allem auch die kleinen Schnörkelchen, die sich so verstohlen aus dem Haupt-String herausschleichen. 🙂

  2. Fantastic end result! And sure, I’d say if you want, add on to it. I’ve returned to my tiles even when I thought they’re done. It’s all about the process in the moment — less about the end result. 🙂 Beautiful!

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