Diva #227: Guest Blogger Lee Darter

Again I had no time this week. I swear when I go on vacation next week I won’t do anything for days except sleep…

When I read this weeks challenge by Lee Darter I was very happy because I like going to the circus, I even love the smell of it! *grin*
And then I saw the patterns she wanted us to use and again I was very very happy.

But then I had no time so I had to hurry to draw a tile and I hate doing Zentangle with a clock in my mind!

I think you can see the clock?

I have to try this challenge when I’m calm and content again.


8 Kommentare zu “Diva #227: Guest Blogger Lee Darter

  1. Ich finde das Zentangle sehr schön. Es hat was sehr Lebhaftes, das schön zum Thema „Zirkus“ passt. Danke auch für Deinen Kommentar in meinem Blog!

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