Diva #232: Guest Blogger Holly Atwater, CZT

This weeks challenge was something different but in a very good way!
I liked listening to Hollys voice while drawing and I think I’ll try her other Meditations as well.

But for now:



This is a „real“ Bijou tile. On the photo it looks so big but it’s tiny!

And just because I had time but no computer so I couldn’t hear Hollys second Audio I did one Betweed too:

Created with Nokia Smart Cam

I’m not very happy with the black in this but I liked everything else 😉

Have a nice weekend!


4 Kommentare zu “Diva #232: Guest Blogger Holly Atwater, CZT

  1. Both of the tiles you submitted for the challenge are so lovely! I adore how you incorporated variations in your Tripoli tile and love the Tipple holding it all together. I love your Betweed tile as well! All the directions Betweed is going is fantastic, and the shading really enhances that sense of movement! Wonderfully done! Thanks so much for your kind words and for participating in the Duo Challenge!

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