Diva #236: Tangle Unexpected

This weeks challenge was so much fun!

After last week where I had no time to try the challenge (my whole family got the cold and all we did was freezing and coughing and feeling sorry for ourself) I wanted to do something special for the challenge. Then I saw our task and I sat and thought „Oh, my…“ I didn’t know what to chose!

I looked around and then I suddenly saw some leftover from our family cold 🙂 You have to know when I get cold (or my husband or our son) I’m the one who buys lots of healthy teas and fruits and things like this. One of this shoping trips involved a fruit bag with orange in it – which were awful! They couldn’t be fresh or even healthy! So two of them got left behind while we were eating yummy things instead 🙂


Sadly I forgot that this kind of fruit often comes with some kind of wax film on it – it killed one of my pens 😦


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