Diva #240

I can’t believe I missed nearly four challenges but I had no time! *sigh*
I don’t even know why my days are so loaded with everything right now but it’s like I wake up in the morning and I start running and when I go to bed I’m still running… very annoying and not very healthy!

This weeks challenge was some kind of surprise for me.
Remember the entry in which I told you I killed my pen during one zentangle on an orange?
I went out and bought a new pen but because of all the stress in my life lately I wasn’t paying attention and bought the wrong pen! Instead of another micron 0.1 I took micron 1.0 home with me… much bigger than I wanted to have!
I discovered this when I wanted to tangle on this weeks challenge and at first I was all „Oh, no! It’s the wrong one!“ and then I just tried the new one, not for the challenge but just to see how much bigger he is – and what did I discover? He is perfect for calligraphy!
I tried different letters and fonts and though I’m the absolut beginner I really love how it looks.

So my mispurchase was really a gift for me!

And because I like trying the new pen I made two tiles for this weeks challenge:

A = A-fog
U = Up n down
T = Tipple
U = Undu
M = Msst
N = Nuwave

And just because I discovered the pattern of a fellow german who got inspired by African artists I had to do another one:

I tried to use the pattern called African Art but I got confused during the tile and now it looks differnt but I like it nevertheless. I think my „Herbst“ was jumping with Artoo of the slide in the pile of leaves 🙂

Sadly my photos don’t show you the real color in this pictures but I like them very much!


4 Kommentare zu “Diva #240

  1. Liebe Künstlerin!
    Mir gefallen beide Kacheln überaus gut. Ich mag es, wie du die Schrift mit den Mustern „verwebst“ sodass das fertige Werk sehr harmonisch wirkt.

  2. Both are very beautiful, but ‚Herbst‘ (herfst in Dutch 🙂 ) is my favorite. Try to tangle when so busy, even if it’s just 15 minutes, it will do you good.

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