Diva #232: Guest Blogger Holly Atwater, CZT

This weeks challenge was something different but in a very good way!
I liked listening to Hollys voice while drawing and I think I’ll try her other Meditations as well.

But for now:



This is a „real“ Bijou tile. On the photo it looks so big but it’s tiny!

And just because I had time but no computer so I couldn’t hear Hollys second Audio I did one Betweed too:

Created with Nokia Smart Cam

I’m not very happy with the black in this but I liked everything else 😉

Have a nice weekend!


Diva #230: Guest Blogger Erin Olson, CZT

I loved this weeks challenge!

I think I have tried two or three zendalas before and I’m usually not happy with my results but I love watching what other people came up with. They always look so easy and flowing and I envy everyone who can draw them…. and this week I could too!

At least I think so 😉

and even my husband tried his first Zendala:

I wish you all an amazing week!

Diva #229: Guest Blogger Sandy Hunter, CZT

This weeks challenge was a very heavy one – for me!

When I read the challenge I was all „Oh, my…“ and I just knew I had to struggle a lot. It’s not that I don’t like white space on my tiles (in fact I love seeing tiles with lots of white space! They allways seem so special to me!) but I can’t find the right time to just stop drawing *sigh*

So this was a struggle and I’m not quite sure if I won but at least I stopped drawing when everything in me screamed: „Make another line and another line“

And because I struggled a lot I managed to convince my husband to draw another tile again *grin*

My first thought when I saw this picture: I see the light at the end of the tunnel … *lol*

He needed the same time for his drawing than me with my tile. Unbelievable, right!

Kalender: August

Mal ehrlich, hätte jemand gedacht, dass wir schon August haben? Nach all dem miesen Wetter der letzten Tage? Ich glaube, als ich vorgestern mit den Hunden unterwegs war, hatte sogar schon einer meiner Nachbarn den Kamin an!


Um so erstaunlicher ist, dass wir pünktlich zum 01. August ein klein wenig Sommer zu Gast haben – und dass ich mal wieder an meinen Kalender gedacht habe 😉

Genießt den August! Weihnachten kommt schneller als uns lieb ist *lach*

Diva #228: Guest Blogger Cari Sultanik, CZT

I loved loved loved this weeks challenge!

I saw the theme when I was in a train on my way back home and I thought of every pattern which could fit and I wanted to start right away… but then my dogs wanted to stretch their legs and my son wanted to tell me something and a friend wanted to show me photos of his journey *sigh*

When I had time all my inspiration was gone – but I convinced my husband to draw a tile too!
You have to know he is very talented and we have a few of his pictures in our home. He doesn’t sell them but I’m sure he could if he wanted.
He hasn’t really tried Zentangle before (there was one summer years ago where we made a Family Zentangle on a very large paper but mostly it was me and our son drawing and him telling us jokes) so this was a first and when he started drawing I got distracted because I like watching him draw.

So… a guest blogger and a guest participant *grin*

My tile:

My husbands tile:


Diva #227: Guest Blogger Lee Darter

Again I had no time this week. I swear when I go on vacation next week I won’t do anything for days except sleep…

When I read this weeks challenge by Lee Darter I was very happy because I like going to the circus, I even love the smell of it! *grin*
And then I saw the patterns she wanted us to use and again I was very very happy.

But then I had no time so I had to hurry to draw a tile and I hate doing Zentangle with a clock in my mind!

I think you can see the clock?

I have to try this challenge when I’m calm and content again.

Diva #226: Guest Blogger Katie Crommett, CZT

I’m no fan of Simplicity!
I like my tiles with lots of different patterns and though I don’t like using color I love shading the tiles.

So this weeks challenge by Katie Crommett to draw simple was a real challenge for myself. In the end I draw just one string, very confused and without really looking, and I used very easy patterns, in fact only two of them. I even left most of my tile white (which I usually don’t do) and now I can say: I made the challeng!

I can’t say I’m happy with my result but it was fun going against everything I wanted to draw on this tile. Maybe I’ll do it after posting it now *giggles*diva_226